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Hey, nice to meet you! I'm Christina Miller, owner of Christina Virtual Solutions. I have a passion for digital marketing and helping small businesses and creative entrepreneurs reach their goals. If you work with me I'll be handling a lot of the online marketing and techy parts of your business. My vision is to leave a positive impact on your business and in your heart.

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My Services Are For You If…

You want to wake up happy knowing that your lovely virtual assistant is providing the backend support you desperately need!

You have too much on your plate and need someone to help you make an impact. 

You are a kind and loving soul that wants to use your awesome powers for good.

You want to bring your vision to LIFE!

What do I do?

As a digital marketing and business support virtual assistant, I typically support those that have online businesses. A lot of the work I do is marketing related but I do provide general admin support as well which includes things such as data entry, transcription and formatting + publishing blog posts! If you’d like a better idea of the tasks I do for your business, check out the full list in my portfolio or send me an email.

My Core Services

The services below are fixed rate monthly packages.

Social Media Management
Facebook Group Management
Website Maintenance
General/Admin Support
Email Marketing Support

I also offer custom packages. You can mix and match my services if you need help in various areas (ex. email marketing support and managing your pinterest account). 

Retainer Options

I offer a retainer option as well for clients that aren’t quite used to the package deal. Book A Free Discovery Call and let me know you’d like a retainer or send me an email at

Short Term Support

If you need a deliverable like 20 social media graphics or transcription of 3 audio files, and not on a monthly basis, this is considered short term support. My contract clients take priority over those in need of short term support but I’m still available to help out for short term projects. 

Check out my portfolio for more information or send me an email at

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