Successfully Juggle All The Moving Parts in Your Business

Helping mothers, full time workers, wives, travelers, and multi passionate women have a life outside of work. Do you want to know the number one secret to feeling in control, happy and at peace with your business?

Hey there hardworking, honest, purpose driven, creative female entrepreneur!

Do you ever feel like banging your head against a wall because of all the stress that comes with being an entrepreneur? Sometimes it’s like you live two different lives or you’re wearing multiple hats. Some of you wear both the female CEO hat as well as the awesome momma hat which is amazing! Except what seems amazing to other people is really several nights passing by with little to no sleep, no time for yourself and never ending stress. All the responsibilities you have weighing you down makes you feel like a walking zombie. Sure you’re doing the bare minimum but you aren’t really living because everything’s moving at lighting speed and there’s no time to relax. When you finally hit the bed at night it feels like you’re in paradise. You know it’s bad when you wish you could sleep forever because you don’t want to face the problems of tomorrow!

You may love your business a bunch but have you ever stopped and thought about the negative consequences on your health? Both mental and physical. What about the health of your family? 

A ton of the female entrepreneurs I work with loved to serve their clients without serving themselves first. This resulted in them struggling with exhaustion, working around the clock, servicing their clients poorly, and missing out on valuable experiences with their loved ones. 

Can you imagine wanting to provide your clients quality service but being unable to do so because you’ve got nothing left to give? Your fuel tank is empty because you’re juggling too much in your business while also trying to put out life’s little fires. Your relationships will start to flop, you’ll be unable to grow your business further and you may begin to lose clients! That’s why the secret to feeling in control, happy and at peace in your business (and ultimately your life) is outsourcing. 

You don’t have to be the mompreneur that snaps at her kids all the time because of stress. You don’t have to miss out on your children’s music recitals or sports games. You don’t have to be the workaholic wife that barely has time to spend with her husband. You don’t have to be the solopreneuer that misses the opportunity to travel and check tasks off your bucket list! 

When you outsource marketing + tech tasks to me, you’ll have way more time to fine tune your gift, serve your clients, serve your family and enjoy your life. You don’t have to choose between work or your family any longer. You can finally have the freedom you saught when you started your entrepreneurial journey. Make your physical and mental health a priority as well when you trade in time spent developing your business, setting up automations and doing other techie tasks for time spent practicing proper self care. 


Who Am I?

I’m Christina Miller but most of my friends call me Tina. I help female service entrepreneurs achieve work-life balance by providing them with the most valuable resource; time. Because of my help mothers, full time workers, wives, travelers, and multi passionate women are able to have a life outside of their business. Not only do I provide implementation services for most things marketing and tech related; I also act as a strategist, accountability partner and consultant to help you bring your vision to life.

Passionate. Ambitious. Purpose Driven. Loving. Honest. Curious.

How I Can Help You

Social Media Management

I work with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest. I can also help manage your Facebook community.

Email Marketing Management

Some of the providers I work with include Active Campaign, Mailchimp and Mailerlite. Some of my solutions include setting up automations and creating email sequences.

Blog & Website Management

WordPress blog management and website maintenance. Basic SEO services, sourcing images and formatting posts are some of what is included in this solution.

Systems, Processes and Training Solutions

Training videos, SOPs, project management, and more!

Providing Quality Service

Awesome with deadlines and getting the details. I enjoyed working with Christina thoroughly!

Digital Agency Owner
“I’m especially grateful for you!! I needed the positive energy and push. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you reaching out to me to help….It’s awesome! I’m totally happy with everything you’ve completed so far…so exciting!

Health Coach

“Christina works competently, creatively and with timeliness in meeting the demands of each task. She demonstrates familiarity with technical nomenclature. Christina is an excellent complex communicator and I have enjoyed working with her!”

Creative Director/Producer

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