Hey! I’m Christina Miller, a certified marketing and tech virtual assistant based in the Washington DC area. As a virtual assistant, I am able to partner with companies to lighten the workload, implement strategy, bring ideas to the table, hold team members accountable, and solve problems. In 2+ years of service, my assistance has saved entrepreneurs countless hours, which they used to spend time with loved ones, refine their craft, and focus on executive responsibilities.

I believe feel-good marketing bridges the gap between small businesses and their customers. When the right groups of people form a relationship with each other, happiness is the outcome. My passion for bringing people together is one reason I started Christina’s Virtual Solutions and became a community organizer for the Washington D.C. Chapter of Ladies Work Remote

Technology is useful in supporting marketing efforts that result in a positive customer experience. Experimenting, brainstorming, and problem solving are key to developing an effective solution. 

In my time as a virtual assistant I have had the pleasure of supporting awesome woman-owned minority small businesses like Touco Direct and The Church Whisperer. With my help parents, full time workers, travelers, and multi passionate individuals are able to have a life outside of their business.

Not only do I provide implementation services for most things marketing and tech related; I also act as a strategist, accountability partner and consultant to help you bring your vision to life.

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My Services

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Content Repurposing & Management

Email, Blog, Social Media + General Admin

Technology Support

Software includes: Asana, WordPress, Basecamp, Mailchimp, Airtable, ActiveCampaign, Buffer and more.

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Featured Projects

You can find more examples of previous work in my portfolio.

Email Marketing & Community Growth

I am a community organizer for the DC chapter of Ladies Work Remote. I manage our email newsletter and social media. In this project you’ll find examples of our email campaigns and data. You will also find member data as well. This is a not for profit community organization. It has been nice to see our membership grow these past few months.

Training Materials & Systems Creation

Video Tutorial Created by Christina Miller in Washington DC
Training Document Created by Christina Miller in Washington DC

A coaching client of mine was interested in hiring an appointment setter/lead generation virtual assistant. This hire was from the Philippines and was not familiar with most of the software we used. She needed guidance to complete most of her tasks. I helped manage the new hire, answering any questions she had about her responsibilities. I also created a training video for her along with corresponding documents. This CRM follow up guide is one of the documents I created for her. The project was created with her experience in mind, along with the need to create a system in which multiple people could collaborate on one project. It was important to create a system in which every member of the team could view information about a lead. While a different software may have been better, at the time we decided it was best for our budget and needs. Because I love solving problems, I had fun coming up with the process and training videos!


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