8 Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Stuck on Your Virtual Assistant Journey

Are you not getting clients or struggling to get your desired clients? 

There are 8 things you need to consider in order to become a fully booked out and thriving virtual assistant. 

Do you have freelancing profiles created & optimized for your ready to pay clients?

Make sure you create freelancing profiles on websites like UpWork & Fiverr.com. And make sure these profiles are optimized for success. Get an Audit done for both your UpWork & Fiverr accounts. 

Do you have a portfolio or landing page created & optimized for success? 

Create a portfolio or landing page to send to your ready-to-pay clients. Get an Audit done for your portfolio or landing page to increase your chances of landing clients. 

Have you gotten an audit done for your proposals & pitches?

Make sure you’re sending strong pitches that highlight why you’re a great fit for the project. Get an Audit done for your proposals & pitches before you send them to increase your chances of landing clients. 

What’s your client attraction strategy and how well is it working for you?

It’s always good to have a client attraction strategy in place so you have a focused plan that’ll help you land virtual assistant clients. Get an Audit done for your client attraction strategy to ensure you’re using the right plan for your virtual assistant business. 

Do you invest daily in Mindset work or Mindset Coaching support? 

As you are on the virtual assistant journey it’s important to master and maintain an expansive mindset as you face the hurdles of building your business. Use resources like the FREE Affirmations Challenge for Virtual Assistants or the Pitching & Proposals Affirmations Track on our YouTube channel daily. 

Have you gone ALL IN for at least a year?

Have you been on the virtual assistant journey going ALL IN for at least a year? Or have you been slowly learning about virtual assistance, sitting on the fence, not making boss moves or investing in yourself and your business? It can take a year minimum, fully committed to build a booming virtual assistant business. This doesn’t mean you can’t get results faster. However, we recommend committing to the journey for at least a year. 

Have you INVESTED in mentorship, resources, training and support?

How invested are you in building a thriving and fully booked out virtual assistant business? Have you made any investments in yourself and your business? If you find yourself repetitively stuck you may need to work with an expert to move the needle forward. 

When’s the last time you invested in upleveling your skillset?

It may be time to invest in some new trainings or learn some new software. You can purchase technology trainings or DIY learning new software. 

That’s it for the 8 reasons you’re currently struggling to get virtual assistant clients. Use this as a checklist the next time you find yourself stuck on the virtual assistant journey. 

P.S. Latest Video: Are you being consistent with your virtual assistant business? 

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