About Us

High-End VA Mission

"I'm here to help Virtual Assistants win in business and life by adopting the High-End VA Method. You're going to feel so much freer and have more fun in your business once you upgrade to the High-End VA." - Chrissy

High-End VA Values

Freedom: We believe Virtual Assistants deserve to feel FREE in their businesses and actually have the DREAM business they've always wanted

Ease: We love to educate Virtual Assistants on how to have a simplified business model and avoid overworking

Wellness: Your wellbeing is #1! Work-Life balance is beyond important - no hustle culture!

Play: Business gets to be FUN for those interested in this. Learn how to become a match for your IDEAL clients.

Service: We're all about Serving our Niche community of High-End VAs 🙂

We are a boutique small business!

Whether you are NEW or an experienced VA...

The High-End VA Method & Framework is INVALUABLE.
Mindset, Creativity, Simplicity, Peace, Joy, etc is infused into ALL of my offerings

The High-End VA Method & Framework is your shortcut to success with EASE/FREEDOM/JOY

The High-End VA Method & Framework is the EASE/FREEDOM/JOY you'll wish you had from the START

Your Virtual Assistant Coach & Mentor

Hey! I’m Chrissy Michelle 🙂 

I love oat milk matcha lattes, my fur baby, warm weather, working remote, creativity, wellness, spirituality and keeping business simple.

I enjoy teaching other individuals how to start & grow an online virtual assistant business that lights them up. 

In a past life I was a community manager for a national coworking club for women, while running my virtual assistant business & studying at University. 

I was able to run around the DMV area, bring people together, visit tons of cool local places, cowork with awesome people, make new friends, while running my virtual assistant business. 

Now I mentor other women who wish to start or uplevel into a dream High-End Virtual Assistant business in the quickest and easiest way possible. 

Why? Because I’d like to see more virtual assistants winning at business and life. Period. 

I’m teaching & providing the tools I wish I had when I first started. 

My Top Values are Freedom, Ease, Wellness, Play and Service. This is infused in all that I offer + what you can expect from me as a leader.

In this space we focus on Mindset, Simplicity, Ease. We go in DEPTH, not just surface level things like “specialization” or “niche down”. You get to have a luxury VA business which is more than MONEY. 

The High-End VA can work less hours & command premium rates. They can go on vacation without fear of being replaced. The High-End VA has clients that treat them with respect & honors their boundaries. The High-End VA has steady income coming in every month & long-term relationships with clients. They have built a business they are truly passionate about, not another job where they are treated as a number and can barely get by. 

To stay connected check out the blog, podcast and Instagram. Our signature program The High-End VA program may also interest you.  

Much love to ya!