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Hey, nice to meet you! I'm Christina Miller, owner of Christina Virtual Solutions. I have a passion for digital marketing and helping small businesses and creative entrepreneurs reach their goals. If you work with me I'll be handling a lot of the online marketing and techy parts of your business. My vision is to leave a positive impact on your business and in your heart. 


Hey, everyone! My name is Christina Miller but you can call me Tina.

I'm an undergrad in college that loves digital marketing and business.

I offer digital marketing and business support to passionate and driven small business owners and creative entrepreneurs.

A little bit about me is that I'm passionate about exploring our lovely world, helping others, my christian faith and marketing, of course.

I also enjoy cooking, being frugal, and making genuine connection with other people.

Community, meaningful conversations, family and friends matter a lot to me. I love exploring my creative side and meshing that with the business side of me.

I love this journey I'm on because while there are bumps on the road, this is a path I'm paving myself. I'm taking control of my life as much as I can do with all the unexpectedness of the world. I'm following my passions and sharing my Truth. Sometimes that means I don't do things the same as everyone else. And that's okay because at the end of the day, I'm living my life.

Going my own way is what makes me happy and fills my soul.

In my free time, you can find me doing something related to my business (attending events, networking, etc) because I love it so much.

But when I'm not doing anything business related, you might find me hanging out with friends, meal prepping, reading, listening to podcasts, spending time with God, volunteering, learning something new, budgeting & planning, studying, or being active in my community.

Why Should We Work Together?

Christina Miller | Typical Tina Marketing Services | Social Media Manager | Virtual Assistant

We should work together because when passionate people collaborate, that's when the true magic happens. I'm a kind person that has no problem with communication or dedication to her work.

I'm professional but at the same time I'm not a high stress person because I like positivity and being happy. With whatever kind of business relationship you'd like to have, I want you to know I take my job seriously because I know you're probably worried about letting me help out. I mean you can only bring on the best of the best right?

It's kind of like asking someone to look over your puppy. Not everyone will love your puppy as much as you which is why you wanna find that awesome human being that truly loves dogs, knows their stuff and has good intentions. Well, while I don't spend my days looking after puppies, I do know what it's like to run a business and I promise to love and care for your business as my own (:


How did you become a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant?

I've always been very good with technology, systems, and online programs. I spent a lot of time editing code and fixing up themes a few years back. I also created various blogs online during my younger years but as I got older I stopped being active and eventually deleted my accounts. I didn't learn about marketing until later.

For the past 7+ months I've been learning a lot about digital marketing from marketing professionals, books, courses, webinars, etc. I also rebranded a couple times which is why you might hear me mention that I had a blog. Anyway, I've been learning as much as I could online while also focusing on my studies.

Then once finals were over, I started working hard on building my business everyday. Really just refining my processes, trying new methods, and gaining even more knowledge. There's not a day that goes by that I'm not learning something new. I always love to hear about new methods, programs, techniques, etc.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

  1. I know how to do a bit of HTML/CSS work
  2. I love community service/giving back
  3.  I've always wanted to become a Youtuber + photographer
  4. I LOVE to laugh and spend time with friends
  5. I live in the USA. Currently in college pursuing a marketing degree
  6. I have a cute little cat named Coco Bean who can sometimes be a pain haha
  7. I like watching psychological thrillers and crime shows
  8. I love hearing someone's story. It's such a great way to connect on a deeper level
  9. I love music. Especially indie, alternative and christian tunes and I guess we can't forget the 80's
  10. I want to become a digital nomad, get involved in nonprofit or ministry work, and inspire people to live true to themselves and follow their passion!


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