Future Virtual Assistants, Are You Ready To?

Start Off Charging A High-End Rate ($32/hr+)

Work Less Hours A Week

Have Flexible Work Days

Work With Premium Clients + Make An Impact

Fast Track Your Success

Ditch the Employee Mindset + Become A Bad*ss High-End VA

Learn A Simplified Business Model to Get You Up & Running ASAP

Save Yourself Years of Frustration & Time TRYING to Make It As A Virtual Assistant

Save Yourself the Burnout & Complete Energy Drain that Comes With Low-Quality Clients

Upgrade Your Mindset to Be A Match for Premium Clients

Be Treated As More Than A Number or Disposable Freelancer

Build An Actual Profitable Online VA Business, Not An Expensive Hobby

You Deserve Ease, Freedom, and Lovely Clients

I know you’re the type of person that desires to serve your clients, get paid, and spend the rest of your time traveling, with kids or partner, on your other hobbies, doing self-care, or even going to the club with friends. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 5 years now. My wisdom & lessons learned will save you so much time, money and help you avoid the stress that comes from following overcomplicated business advice. 

I’ve put in the hard work, time, money, learning, experimenting, etc and NOW you get to benefit from this with the High-End VA Method. 

Are You SMART Enough For Business?

Uhhh, of course you are! You are capable of anything. And you can learn new things! It’s never too late or too early. I started my business at 19 years old while in University. I was totally not the “top student”. Business doesn’t require you to be smart. Although joining programs like these is important if you wanna “work smarter” & avoid burnout and confusion.

There will be pitching required (in your unique format). It will be way easier than you think & feel really good. You don’t need to be perfect. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Perfectionism is actually terrible for sustainable success + growth.

Do you need a fancy degree or business savvy friends or family?

Nope! I chose NOT to finish college so no fancy degree here. 

None of my friends or family had any idea about business. Nor did any have fancy careers or a network I could tap into for advice when I first started. I lived in a small town in a not so great city. My family was lower middle class.

We don’t need to go into ALL the details about my background but know I’ve had to work hard and push myself outside my comfort zone multiple times to be where I’m at today. 

While my life has changed since becoming an entrepreneur, especially as I’ve stepped into ease, I still started from scratch with zero clue about WTF to do and no network or connections to pull from. 

If you’ve ever grown up in a poorer small town I swear it can be like living in a different world. The business advice I would get from my local town wouldn’t be the ACTUAL advice I needed for an online virtual assistant business, plus my age may have been a thing for some people. 

Thank GOD for the internet because that’s opened so many doors for me no matter WHERE I reside or how old I am! 

Current VA Looking to Uplevel? Hear Me Out 🙂

One of the BIGGEST mistakes I made in business was making everything complicated. We are taught to specialize and niche down. We think we need another certification or better skillset to work with premium clients. Or maybe our website needs to look more fancy. So we tweak the websites, take the courses, apply to the jobs, have nightmare clients and it all repeats. Over and Over and Over again.

The only way to have a DREAM VA business. One where the passion & soul is ALIVE. Like…you actually cannot wait to support your dream clients. You are over the moon in love with the way your business is set up. You are respected and supported too. You are treated as more than an employee, which you SHOULD be as you are a virtual assistant. A business owner.

Your dream VA business comes once you master the basics, adopt the High-End VA Mindset, get strategic and simplify.

I teach one method of getting clients in the High-End VA program. No need for social media, website, ads or DMs at all.

I also teach you how to STAND OUT online & unleash your magnetism so you can make it a no-brainer decision for your dreamy clients to choose you.

The core of The High-End VA Method isn’t about specialization or niching down. These things HELP when it’s what you desire to do. Many people do things to make them money. One reason passion is LOST. 

The High-End VA Method is unique because of the creativity, mindset, simple strategic actions and magnetism unlocked. It doesn’t matter if you are new or have been a virtual assistant for over 20 years. 

The High-End VA isn’t just about raising your rates. 

You can raise your rates and not be working with dream clients. 

You can raise your rates and resent your business or clients. 

You can raise your rates but not close or keep premium clients. 

You can raise your rates and have your wellbeing decrease drastically, overworking and stressed TF out. 

You can raise your rates and attract nightmare clients on repeat. 

You get to have your DREAM Virtual Assistant business. Freedom, Peace, Joy, Passion, it’s all available to you. Whether you’re a newbie or experienced, the High-End VA program is for you. 

Current Virtual Assistants, Are You Ready To...?

Stop Getting Overlooked & Finally Become The Chosen VA

Close Premium Clients That Appreciate You & Are FUN To Work With

Charge Your Dream Rate, Without Incremental Increases

Simplify Your Business Model & Free Up Time For Yourself, Friends, Family, Etc

Stop Being Chained to Your Phone

Re-Ignite Your Passion for Your Business

Develop Long-Term Relationships With Amazing Clients...Consistent Revenue YES!

Decrease Stress/Anxiety Around Landing New Clients

Feel Less Awkward in Business + Unleash Your TRUE Magnetism

No More Rush Jobs, Unreasonable Requests, and Low Pay

Stop Undervaluing Yourself

Who Is A Good Fit For This Program?

Who’s A Good Fit For This Program?

Newbies interested in starting up fast and don’t need a 43532 page handbook before taking action (aka procrastination). 

You can pick up specialization and look into things LATER. Our primary objective is sales & service FIRST over building up a hobby, learning all the skills, training after training and NO results. 

Most people are good at creating an expensive hobby and wasting TIME. I’ve been there and I DON’T want you to experience the same. Thank GOD for mentorship and the ability to fast track success.

Current VAs are also perfect for this program! If you desire to Upgrade to Premium Clients with Ease + Simplify your Business Model, this program is a good fit. 

$5k-10k+ Months, 3 Day Weekend, Work from Anywhere, Passion ALIVE, Soulmate Clients, Simplicity, Ease

Let’s Imagine….

Financial Possibilities:

You invest $5,000 for this program. You apply the material + you land $32/hr-$65+/hr client(s). That’s $5k-$10k+ months as a Virtual Assistant! AMAZING 🙂 

Time Freedom Possibilities: 

Working 20-30 hours a week, with premium clients that value you and your services. You could work 4 days a week and have a 3 day weekend. Or how about 4-5 hours a day M-F? 3 hours less than a 9-5, not including commute + working in your PJs is nice 🙂 

Passion Possibilities: 

Only doing the service work you love! Don’t overextend yourself with social media, ads, or exhausting cold DMs. Being ignored, ghosted, and putting in results with little return is the fastest way to burnout. 

Instead, you get to serve your clients really well + actually have a life outside of your business! :) True Freedom!!

All the Possibilities:

There’s so much flexibility, freedom, plus a simplified business model that doesn’t require you to be marketing online all day every day. I’m so happy to share this program with you!

Ready to Join?

Happy Clients Throughout The Years

A few testimonials from clients on a freelancing platform. This does NOT include off platform clients.

The Program Breakdown

This Self-Study program w/ Expert Group Q&A has been crafted to help you become a High-End VA, without DMs, Ads, Website or Social Media. 

You will complete the program at your OWN pace. All content is unlocked and available to you.

In this program you won’t find tons of fluff or overwhelming amounts of boring content. There are fun rants, embodied wisdom (from my time as a VA), discussions, and teachings that serve the main purpose of the program

These rants and discussions solve the problems you are currently facing or will likely face as you become the High-End VA.

Now, what do I mean by fluff? You aren’t going to find a billion tools or resources. This isn’t the program where you learn Ads, Social Media, Website Building, Cold DM, and pitching. 

Why? A program overloaded and catered to everyone can be overwhelming and cause you to make slow or zero progress. It’s too many options for your brain. And it’s not the simplest & quickest business model to set up for freedom, ease, fun and flow.

Instead of jam packing a billion methods into one program, we’ll be focused on one method, taking consistent action, and upgrading your mindset.


23 Modules + Group Q&A

10 Learning/Action Modules. 7 Mindset Upgrades. 4 Rant Reminders. 1 Resource. 1 Action Plan.

After you go through this program you are provided with an action plan that you can follow to land Premium Clients within 60 days or less (this is an estimate, results can vary). 

You can listen to the mindset & teaching videos once or replay them again and again as you go on your journey of landing premium clients. Replaying them over and over is the easiest way to adopt the High-End VA mindset. 

Become A High-End VA

This is a Self-Study Program w/ Expert Group Q&A

Program Drops January 2023 (Pre-Order Open)

Monthly Group Q&A for 2023

I will be doing Group Q&A 1x per month. 

Depending on the influx of questions, not everyone’s will be answered, especially if there are duplicates. This is simply the nature of group q&a with a large volume of people. 

You Are Embarking On A Journey...

Join if you’re interested in starting or upgrading your virtual assistant business with the High-End Virtual Assistant Method. Please know we cannot guarantee results & they may vary. We don’t offer refunds.


"I LOVE the High-End VA but I still wanna specialize or niche down..."

You are welcome to specialize or niche down if you wish. Skill training isn't the focus of this program.

Unless you already have an existing skillset, it's better to save specialization till LATER & focus on Service + Sales now, The High-End VA way.

Choose Specialization or Niching if it lights you up, not because you think it'll make you extra money.

"Is This Just A Mindset Program"

No. There is Mindset & Simple Creative Strategy.

"What do you mean by EASE? Is this a SCAM?"

Lol no. There is hard work required in the sense that you'll be GROWING and operating differently. Consistency with action taking is always important.

The Mindset Shifts & Work you do in this program is lifechanging. We don't throw around words like EASE or DREAM business for marketing purposes *eyeroll emoji* LOL!

We help you UPGRADE your mindset, along with simple practical action, so you can experience EASE.

If you're a newbie you'll save yourself a ton of time & frustration. But business still requires discipline, period.

Your Program Facilitator

Hey! I’m Chrissy Michelle 🙂 

I love oat milk matcha lattes warm weather, working remote, creativity, wellness, spirituality and keeping business simple.

I enjoy teaching other individuals how to start & grow an online virtual assistant business that lights them up. 

In a past life I was a community manager for a national coworking club for women, while running my virtual assistant business & studying at University. 

I was able to run around the DMV area, bring people together, visit tons of cool local places, cowork with awesome people, make new friends, while running my virtual assistant business. 

Now I mentor other individuals who wish to start or uplevel into a dream High-End Virtual Assistant business in the quickest and easiest way possible. 

Why? Because I’d like to see more virtual assistants winning at business and life. Period. 

I’m teaching & providing the tools I wish I had when I first started. 

My Top Values are Freedom, Ease, Wellness, Play and Service. This is infused in all that I offer + what you can expect from me as a leader.

In this space we focus on Mindset, Simplicity, Ease. We go in DEPTH, not just surface level things like “specialization” or “niche down”. You get to have a luxury VA business which is more than MONEY. 

The High-End VA can work less hours & command premium rates. They can go on vacation without fear of being replaced. The High-End VA has clients that treat them with respect & honors their boundaries. The High-End VA has steady income coming in every month & long-term relationships with clients. They have built a business they are truly passionate about, not another job where they are treated as a number and can barely get by. 

To stay connected check out the blog, podcast and Instagram. Our signature program The High-End VA program may also interest you.  

Much love to ya!