Become A Freelance Virtual Assistant Making $25-$65/hr+ Working From Home

Go From Unemployed to $5k-$10k Months!

I started my virtual assistant journey at 19 years old whilst Unemployed. 

I went outside my comfort zone and got whatever General Administrative Gig I could.

 Soon enough I gained experience and was able to start charging $50+/hr!

Become A High-Paid Virtual Assistant Without A University Degree!

I didn’t even finish my University Degree when I started applying to Freelance Virtual Assistant Jobs!

You don’t need a fancy degree to get started. 

Instead, you simply need to identify your skillset and communicate it to potential clients. 

Clients are more concerned about the services you have to offer and your reliability as a virtual assistant, not a degree!

It's EASY to Become A Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant you are being paid to help out entrepreneurs and professionals with administrative tasks. 

You can become a General or Admin Virtual Assistant or you can specialize your services or industry.

Virtual Assistance is an easy industry to get started in. You simply need a laptop, internet connection and the ability to provide quality service. 

In The High-End VA World we go to where the ready-to-pay clients hang out. We use freelancing platforms and networking groups to find and close our dreamy soulmate clients!

Hundreds of Worldwide Jobs Are Being Posted DAILY

We source jobs from freelancing platforms and virtual assistant networking groups!

You’re welcome to sign up to The High-End VA Society Email Newsletter to get weekly job postings directly to your email.

You only need a few clients (2-4) to make your $5k-$10k Months a reality!

We share with you the freelancing platforms and communities you need to utilize at the start of your journey to land dreamy soulmate clients that pay well. 

You Don't Need to Be Perfect To Start

When I first started as a virtual assistant I was young, had no idea what I was doing and had terrible phone anxiety.

You don’t need to be perfect to begin! 

You just need a desire to serve and resilience to keep pushing through. 

If you are committed to becoming a High-End Virtual Assistant you WILL make your dreams a reality sooner than you think 🙂

Become A Highly-Paid Freelance Virtual Assistant

Sign Up for 1:1 Virtual Assistant Voxer Monthly Mentorship

90 Days Till Freelance Virtual Assistant

1:1 Coaching & Accountability with Chrissy for 90 Days With Option to Extend Service!

Coaching Begins JAN 16th-APRIL 16th 2023

Spots Are Limited! Pre-Order Is Open!

Coaching Agreement

  1. You understand while we do our best to increase your chances of landing freelance jobs, we cannot guarantee results. This is a standard coaching disclaimer. 
  2.  You must be willing to follow Chrissy’s suggestions and tips to get the most out of your coaching.
  3. We will support you and hold you accountable. However, it is your job to show up and put in the work daily. 
  4. Voxer Voice Message is open 24/7. You can ask Chrissy questions whenever you’d like. Estimated Turnaround Time for Communication is 2-Business Days. This is subject to change. All clients will be made aware of any updates to Chrissy’s Coaching Schedule. 
  5. All Coaching Is Non-Refundable 
  6. By Purchasing Coaching @ The High End VA You Agree to these Terms of Service
  7. Some Clients Will Get Results in 30 Days Whilst Others Takes Several Months. Everyone’s Situation is different. Show Up Ready to Commit to Creating Your Dream VA Business. 
  8. 3-Month Minimum Coaching Plan to see desired results. 

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Your Virtual Assistant Coach

Hey! It’s Chrissy Michelle, The High-End Virtual Assistant Coach!

I’m A 5-Star Rated Virtual Assistant with over 5 years experience provided quality service to premium clients.

I now coach aspiring and established virtual assistants on The High-End VA Method. 

We help you stand out online in a sea of virtual assistants, earn $5,000-$10,000 a month and work with dreamy soulmate clients. 

Please Note: While we do our best to support you on your virtual assistant journey it’s impossible for us to guarantee results. Be committed, show up, do the work and you should be living your dream life as a virtual assistant in a matter of months. The length of time varies depending on the person.