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By Christina Miller

You don’t know me. Not really. And that’s because I don’t share a lot on my social media accounts. At least, not anymore. This past year I’ve taken a step back from sharing on social media. Of course, you’ll still find me active on Instagram stories. But it’s rare I make an actual post.

As a marketing and tech virtual assistant, I offer content management – which can include social media support. I only mention this because I know it seems odd, to be a digital marketing advocate who isn’t active on social media. 

I will always believe there is immense value in utilizing digital tools to spread the word about your business. However, being active on my accounts is not my main focus at this time. And I’m not one to do something because everyone else is doing it. I know where I’m at on my business journey and what needs to be done make progress towards my goals. 

All that being said, I still want to build a connection with you! A lot has happened since I first started this company over 2 years ago. My recent shift in prioritizing offline and local interaction has led me to find community and take massive steps outside my comfort zone. I’ve truly enjoyed going on a digital hiatus and getting more involved locally. 

However, my days of digital detox have officially ended. As I move into a different season of life I feel this pull towards personal and authentic communication via email. No fluff or marketing strategy required. 

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